Workout Programs

Do you offer 1-to-1 coaching?

I do not currently offer 1-to-1 coaching outside of the app.But every member gets personal access to me and Bryce in the forums. Post ANY question about your training and either Br ...

Are the programs safe without a spotter?

You should never train outside your limitations to a point where you feel unsafe.

How can I change my program?

You can change the program in the app anytime you like. Select a program you want from the "View Programs" button. Click start workout plan and confirm.

Do you offer alternative exercises in each workout?

Yes, we have an alternative for all exercises.

I have a question about an exercise in my workout..

All workouts come with videos explaining set-up and execution for each exercise. If you're new to a program, take a moment before your workout to watch the videos going into d ...

How often do you have to train per week?

You can train as often as you like, the workout programs are set 4 times per week but you can go at your own pace

Are the workout programs available on the website?

All of the workout programs are available in the app only. This is because the app tracks all of your sets and reps to show your progress over time. A short introductory video ...

Do I need to have set day for my workout?

All the programs are 4 days per week but you can go at your own pace, there is no “set day” to do any workout, you can choose which days you want to start or complete a ...

Can I add my own exercises?

Yes you can add custom exercises in any program. Head to Logbook Start todays workout scroll to bottom of any exercise Press "Add Exercise" Choose to add your new exercise ...

Are there any programs for women?

All programs are suitable for men & women but I do have specific programs for women such as Mrs Hypertrophy which I created for my wife Carole.   

Are there any programs for beginners?

I would recommend starting with the full body program (ie Full Body 2.0 A/B Rotation; Push Pull Lower 2.0, Full Body Focker) and then progressing on to an upper, lower spl ...